As a Methodist-Anglican Local Ecumenical Partnership, the Christian Centre has varied forms of worship.

The first Sundays of each month will be a communion service following the ‘Methodist’ service order.  The third Sunday of each month will be Anglican-led, and will often be an Anglican communion. The other Sundays will be in various styles led by local preachers and/or by our Worship Leaders and Community Outreach Worker.

ARK – 10:30 AM                                                                                                                         The ‘ARK’ is a designated space within the sanctuary for use by children – with games and activities focussed on the topic of the Sunday service led by the children’s worker and the worship team.  Parents can join in the activities, or join the congregation in the main section of the church.  When there is a communion service, children are brought into the main service to participate along with the adults and older youth.

DATA PROJECTION                                                                                                                 Data projection equipment has been installed and will be used frequently to enhance the variety of worship formats and to enrich the hymns and songs used during the service.

JOINT SERVICES                                                                                                                   When there is a fifth Sunday in a month,  there will be a joint service with the congregations of St. Mary’s Bolsterstone, St. Matthias Stocksbridge,  and St. John’s Deepcar meeting on a rotational basis in one of the four churches.

The Joint Services for 2018 are 29 April at St. Mary’s Bolsterstone,   29 July at St. John’s Deepcar, and 30 September at the Stocksbridge Christian Centre.  All joint services are from 10:45 AM.

For information on current services see ‘Events’.

SPECIAL SERVICES                                                                                                                 There are also special services during the year including   a ‘Pet Service’ in June, an annual ‘Songs of Praise’ service in July, and a ‘Carols by Candlelight’ family service on New Year’s Eve.

For details see under ‘Events’ and the appropriate sub-section.


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