About Us

The origins of the Stocksbridge Christian Centre may be traced to a Methodist Sunday School which was founded on 11 October, 1959, when the Whitwell Estate was being laid out.  This met in the main hall of the Stocksbridge Modern School (now the Stocksbridge High School).  The church has been on its current site since 1974. For a more detailed description of our history, please see the section on ‘History’.

Since our foundation as a church in 1978, we have been an ecumenical church – a joint congregation of the Methodist Church and the Church of England. We cherish the mixture of traditions within one congregation as we strive to worship God and to find new ways to serve Him and our community.  We have a close relationship with St. Mary’s, the parish church of the village of Bolsterstone (stmarysbolsterstone.net), and are -with St. John’s Deepcar and St. Mary’s – part of the Cornerstone Mission Partnership.  We work with the other churches in ‘The Valley’ through Churches Together in Stocksbridge and District (churchestogetherinstocksbridgeanddistrict.com).

Our times of services for worship may be found under ‘Worship’, and the other regular activities taking place in the church may be found under ‘Activities’.  Special events and services of worship may be found under ‘Events’.

The church also offers the following special services:
Baptismal Services,
Services for the Blessing of Children,
Services for the Reaffirmation of Marriage Vows,
the Annual Memorial Service,                                                                                                            Service for the Blessing of Pets.

You are invited to contact the clergy, the Revd. James H. Grayson (Methodist) or the Revd. Hilda Isaacson (Anglican) about any of these services. Contact details may be found under ‘Contact’.

For rental of the church hall for a special event, please contact the Bookings Secretary Mrs. Elizabeth Brook. Contact details may be found under ‘Contact’.

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