Songs of Praise

Each year in July, the Christian Centre hosts a community service of songs, hymns readings.  Held on a Sunday afternoon, all members of the community and members of all the churches in Stocksbridge and district are invited to participate.

Led by the worship leaders at the Christian Centre,  there will be some set hymns and songs, and ‘requests from the floor’.   Refreshments will be provided.

Each year’s ‘Songs of Praise’ is focussed on a particular theme and funds are raised for a particular charity.   Charities receiving help have the Nepalese Disaster Relief, ‘Roundabout’ for homeless youth in Sheffield,  and refugees in Sheffield.

For the date and time of this year’s ‘Songs of Praise’,  see the sub-section for the events for the current year.

For photographs from previous years see ‘Church Photographs’ under ‘About Us’.

For further information,  please contact the Revd. James H. Grayson on 07780 70-1116.

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